"Lush B/W still life photographs seem like quiet moments as each bloom and stem is shown in fragile perfection. Working directly from her garden, Linda Morrow follows in the tradition of generations of artists who have found inspiration within the confines of their personal spaces. With each volume presenting both a poem and an artifact, the collection contains an intimate world seen through the eyes of a true artist."

Ann Mitchell
Los Angeles fine artist and educator.

"Linda Morrow's artist book series -POPPY, CALLA, and ANGEL TRUMPET- draws on some of the masters of the genre, yet allows her to find her own voice in the medium. She examines the external features of each species with the eye of a botanist, using her camera to explore delicate shapes and folds that each flower naturally possesses. Having considered the history of the photobook as a collectible object, Morrow has limited the edition to twenty copies; each volume presents twelve plates, lovingly printed on MOAB paper in a velvety palate reminiscent of palladium prints."

Melanie McWhorter
Manager, Book Division, PHOTO-EYE, Santa Fe.