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Linda Morrow is a fine art photographer and book artist. She was born and raised in Arizona, but has happily lived in Southern California for over fifty years. As a child growing up on her family’s ranch and dairy farm, she spent long hours outdoors, using her imagination to amuse herself and memorizing details of the countryside. 


Her photographs explore the natural world in terms of landscape and botanicals and reveal nuances in human nature through portraiture. 


In recent years, she has made and produced a number of handmade artist’s books.


Originally an English major, Linda found her photographic art education in a rich patchwork of study at Orange Coast College, University of California Extension, Santa Fe Workshops, as well as Maine Media Workshops. She is grateful for the gift and influence of Debbie Fleming Caffery, Carlan Tapp, Cig Harvey, Aline Smithson and Valerie Carrigan.


Her work has been shown in numerous online galleries, in Davis-Orton Gallery/NY, in the Griffin Museum of Photography/Boston, in the Library at SAIC/Chicago, and in many private collections. Her photographs have been featured in Lenswork and on Lenscratch.

Artist Statement


I am inspired by the Japanese esthetic called wabi-sabi, a value system comprising  several ideas: “that truth comes from the observation of nature, that so-called greatness exists in the inconspicuous and overlooked details, that beauty can be coaxed out of ugliness.” I am fascinated by the world’s visual narrative and always wish to enter the vast conversation that takes place between artists everywhere.

Lenscratch Feature


Click here to read the full Feature by Aline Smithson

Published January 11, 2022

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